Atlanta Commercial Photographer

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what exactly are your company’s images saying? More than a trillion images are taken each year1, so it is increasingly important for businesses to utilize professional, high quality photos in order to entice customers and rival competitors. At Blueprint, our talented commercial photographers produce spectacular images that will promote your products or services, increase brand’s exposure, and wow your customers.

Why You Need Commercial Photography

It takes more than a camera phone to create stunning images that accurately represent your company’s unique value. A great photo not only attracts viewers, but it also conveys a message that strengthens your business’s mission and visual identity. Blueprint’s expert commercial photographers strategically plan and capture photos that build your company’s credibility and instill confidence.

Featuring high quality images can drastically improve your company’s digital presence. A study showed that online content with relevant images receives 94 percent more views than content without images2. Stock photos are often boring or reused too often, providing very little value in terms of site rankings. By adding original, professional quality photos to your content, Blueprint’s commercial photographers stimulate interest and boost visibility in search engines, driving traffic to your site and bringing you customers.

Including incredible photos in your content can further help your company reach a wider audience as social media use continues to grow exponentially. Researchers found that visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content3. Blueprint’s commercial photographers work closely with our social team to produce outstanding images that your customers will beg to share.

Blueprint’s Commercial Photography Services

Blueprint’s diverse team of commercial photographers is dedicated to meeting all of your photography needs. Our expertise includes but is not limited to product line promotion, abstract work, creation projects, architecture, and industry images. Through strategic planning and content creation, we will help you capture the perfect feel and messaging for your site.

Due to our unique approach to digital marketing, Blueprint is committed to providing a fully-integrated content and design strategy. Our talented photographers work directly with our design team to develop consistent content across all digital channels by creating custom brochures, newsletters, and more. Our social and SEO teams will then help ensure that your stunning photos have maximum impact through social promotion and optimization to gain visibility in search engines.

If you are interested in raising audience engagement and gaining customers, contact Blueprint’s amazing commercial photographers today!