Making Website Banners

Making Website Banners

When making banners that will be displayed on websites, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you must figure out what the purpose of your banner is. What is the takeaway I want the audience to have? What information will they want to know in order to easily understand this message? Most usually this is the phone number, but it could also be a question, an e-mail address, a website, or the name of a business or location.

To have a successful banner, you must use colors, fonts, and images that grab the reader’s attention. They must be positively attracted to the banner so their attention is held. The information should be displayed as a story, so their eyes move from one piece to the next and they can get a full understanding of what you want to say without trying to search through the banner for information. It wouldn’t make sense to give a phone number before you announce what it is for. Although the number should be large enough for the reader to see, they also need to easily understand who and what the number is for.

Banners must also be consistent with your business’s design language. What does that mean? The colors, fonts, and overall feel and look of the banner must be consistent with your logo and other types of media you hand out. This helps with branding so as you become more popular the reader will know the banner is yours just by looking at the colors, shapes, and images.

Making banners is a hard task to take on. You have little space to grab the readers attention. Also, banners are often not trusted and you have to make yours not look like a trap for viruses.  Your banner must be professional and attractive. Good luck making your banners!

By: Margo Osborne