Do Likes Matter on Your Company’s Facebook Page?

Do Likes Matter on Your Company’s Facebook Page?

Facebook Likes | Do Likes Matter on Your Company's Facebook Page? | BlueprintOne of the greatest forms of social currency today is likes on Facebook. To many, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the little globe with a red number, preferably above 10, light up on their Facebook profile. Some people, and even companies, pay to generate artificial likes on their pages, hoping that the increased number of likes will draw genuine users to like their page. Although likes are social currency for socially hip individuals, does it pay to have hundreds or thousands of likes on your company’s Facebook page?

The short answer is “somewhat.” Facebook likes on your business page have a positive impact on your social media presence. However, while likes improve the appearance of your page by establishing your legitimacy and allow you to target an audience, creating content that will increase organic engagement and developing a creative social media strategy are more effective in turning likes into buys.

Likes Attract Likes

Imagine having a craving for Thai food and you find two different restaurants on your navigation app. You stop by one and notice that the restaurant is empty except for the disheartened server waiting in vain for a patron to walk through the door. More than likely, you will leave that restaurant and patronize the other Thai spot that has a 30-minute wait time for you to be seated. Since it’s so popular, it must have really great food, right?

That’s how many people think when they see a business with 1000 likes versus a business with 100 likes. The page with more likes seems to be more legitimate; however, there is a catch. After the users initially like the page, they sometimes never return to it or engage with it. According to a study cited by SocialSamosa, only 1% of fans who like a Facebook page will ever return to that brand’s page. One of the reasons is the same reason why you wouldn’t return to that hypothetical Thai restaurant—although it is popular, the quality of what it offers is underwhelming.

Engaging Content Turns Likes Into Returns

It is not enough to attract a large audience; you have to keep that large audience, and you can do so by creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content on your Facebook page. A recently published study suggested a positive correlation between audience engagement with a brand on social media and personal identification and enjoyment with that brand. In order to catch and keep the attention of users, your posts should encourage your audience to not only view them but also respond to and share them.

Social Strategy Turns Likes Into Buys

With all of the content that populates the News Feed of a user, it would take strategic and creative planning to produce such engaging content. In order to maintain the attention of Facebook users and even increase the number of those who engage with your page, you would need a unique formula of content that is captivating, sharable, unique, and that represents your brand and industry. Developing this formula, or social strategy, will require research, data analysis, content writing, and design. Our social media experts are trained in social media strategy and can help you to not only draw potential customers by increasing your likes to attract more likes but also to encourage customers to engage with your page so that the likes eventually turn into buys. Call Blueprint today at 770-817-9560 for a social media marketing consultation.

By: Krista Idowu
  • Adam Baxter

    Great post Krista! Every company and their mother’s homemade pie business is on facebook; The only way you’ll stand out from the crowd is by having engaging content with a good strategy.