Jib Talk

Jib Talk

Every now and again, in video, there comes a time when your arm and tripod just can’t reach the height of the shot you need. That’s where the Jib comes in.

Its a relatively quick and easy set-up as well as a relatively easy to use camera crane that really helps you reach new heights. Its a really a mini version of your typical camera crane but that is actually where it gets so much of its appeal. Especially among small business videographers who aren’t in need of big construction-like crane, the compact jib offers a convenient and easy solution for filming unique shots that you can’t capture on a tripod and definitely not handheld.

Its often used in big events where big groups and large crowds gather. The Jib helps in grabbing shots that help the viewer realize just how big a particular event is, or get above the crowd to better focus on whats important, or maybe even just to get a unique angle of it all. Because of its size, which usually ranges from 6 to 12 feet in arm length, it doesn’t get in the way of too much and really enables you to bring into places that big camera cranes would never fit. Its generally compact and mobile-friendly size really makes it a great piece of equipment that fits in with the rest.

The Jib is such a handy tool that you’ll never film another thing without it. Not only is it great for getting shots up high, but also for getting really neat and special shots that can bring a whole new look to the composition of your video.

By: Adam Baxter

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