Is it Time to Upgrade Your Website?

Is it Time to Upgrade Your Website?

A rebranding effort can be extremely time consuming and tedious but in the end can have an overwhelming positive impact on your business. Answer my 5 questions below to see if your company is in desperate need of rebranding.

1. When was your website designed?

If your website is more than 3-5 years old, chances are you’re in need of a major overhaul. Even some of the most well-designed websites need to be updated over the years to adapt to the ever-changing internet landscape. Most large companies are letting their website evolve constantly. Changes every 6 months keep your website fresh and on-trend.

2. Is your website responsive?

Studies show almost half of internet usage is now coming from mobile devices. With close to 50% of your leads using mobile, you will automatically alienate half of your potential clients from choosing your company. Keep in mind a mobile website functions much differently then on desktop. It is important to have a unique mobile design that transitions cleanly to each new device.

3. Does your site allow for social media?

Social media has basically become a mandatory part of any website. Social media traffic can bring in prospective clients and help expand your business. Social media and blogging also brings in fresh content and buzz to your website. Having a content management system such as WordPress allows you to easily update your site with new information and continually bring new visitors to your site.

4. Does your site capture and convert potential clients?

When someone visits your web site, statistics show that you have only seconds to capture their attention before the move on to the next site. Is your site design doing that? Is it pleasing to look at and easy to use? If the user interaction of your site is bad the client could get frustrated and give up on your company all together. Do you want people to call? Then make sure they don’t have to search for the phone number, if they don’t initially see it chances are they won’t spend time looking.

5. Does your site present your company’s most important information?

When you first visit your site what jumps out at you? If it’s not your call to action, services, or what makes your company different then chances are you are losing potential clients. What is your most popular and profitable service? Whatever it is that should be highlighted and extremely easy to find and read more about.

If your current site lacks in any of the above areas then chances are you are losing out on a ton of potential business. Make sure your website is equipped to work for you!

By: Blueprint