Incorporating Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan

Incorporating Social Media Into Your Marketing Plan

What does social media do for you business? Does it bring in customers or get your information out to the public? If you analyzed your businesses’ Facebook or Twitter page right now, would you see any signs of life or just useless posts that seem to go no where other than into the long history of wasteful content?

Mastering Social Media for Business | Blueprint

The objective of social media is to drive potential customers to your website to purchase a product or service and without exposure to your social media, business won’t come and you won’t profit.

Strategy First, Attack Later

It’s all about strategy. How can you build your social media to line up with your marketing plan? It starts with building a strategy that can bring qualified traffic, add likes and shares and create customers.

Tactics To Use

Strategy is pointless without tactics involved to carry out your social media plan. Let’s imagine your business is a locally owned lawn care service focusing on residential properties as well as commercial. Here are a few tactics to help build your clientele and make you money:

Follow and Like: Every single Facebook and Twitter page allows you to follow other accounts in order to connect with other likeminded businesses or individuals. If you’re in the lawn care business, following companies like Lowe’s or a local nursery that sells plants and trees may allow for more exposure to their clientele.

Following businesses that hold your same duties will give you an opportunity to keep up with competition and exceed it with more engaging posts. The chances of a ‘follow back’ or ‘like’ from companies or individuals is partly based on the type of connections you have with like-minded practices.

Tweet, Retweet and Repeat: Don’t shy away from posting any content on your businesses Facebook or Twitter page. It really helps with exposure and tagging businesses or individuals can allow for more followers. Using hashtags will up your visibility on trending topics for both Facebook and Twitter, giving more potential customers a chance to see what your business is all about.

Don’t ignore Interactions: The quickest way to sabotage your social media growth is by ignoring those who comment, like or share your Facebook or Twitter posts. By creating a relationship with your customers or followers, you’ll build trust and ultimately gain loyal customers from your interactions.

Create a Timeline

In order to achieve a successful social media presence, your company must create concrete goals daily, weekly and monthly in order to continue to build your reach and your customer base.
These goals include:

  • How many accounts (profiles) your business should follow
  • How many followers to add to your businesses follow list (by week)
  • How many tweets per day, week and month
  • How many retweets you should perform
  • How many retweets you’ll want to receive
  • How many leads your business should get through social media
  • How many web visits your website gets from tweets, posts, etc.

Let Your Social Media Grow

It’s not truly a success until you begin gaining followers or likes on your Twitter and Facebook page. Although likes and follows don’t equate to profit, they’ll most certainly gain you valuable visibility that could potentially bring clients to your business.

By: Patrick Price
  • Victoria Vener

    I agree that the quickest way to sabotage your social media growth is to neglect interactions with your followers. Does it take extra time? Of course, but every interaction with one of your followers builds you a reputation as a trustworthy brand that cares about more than just sales. Also, unless your content is viral-level amazing all the time, people aren’t going to share it if you don’t interact with them.

  • Chuniq Inpower

    How can any business think about avoiding social media in their marketing plan? The wonderful opportunity afforded by social media platforms is the ability to listen to consumers and provide services/produces that fit those desires. Making social tools work for you is a building block for success.

  • Aaron Ward

    Great Point Chuniq, social media has become an instant “human resource” for your audience. If your audience does’t like something about your service, you able to respond immediately to address the issue and improve your user experience. Or if they do like your service, you are able to spread the word and grow your audience.

  • Joshua Bains

    It’s really important to establish the timeline, and I love this suggestion because it smacks of the best practices in habit building. Every business owner should be thrilled that firm habits can increase their social media circles.

  • Aaron Ward

    How do I avoid “spamming” or flooding my audience’s timeline? I heard somewhere that there is a cap limit for how many people you can follow before it is seen as being spam. Something like you can’t follow more people than those that are following you? Wish this was included in this post. Nice job otherwise.

  • Jeff Cline

    Understanding how social can provide an opportunity for engagement post sale, can help to re-fuel the buy cycle with fresh customers – It has become the digital equivalent of “word of mouth” advertising, and that deserves the efforts involved in cultivating.

  • At the end of the day, content is only king on social if posted at the right time of day, and, as a part of a systematic plan that includes Owned, Earned, and Paid forms. Own every free channel that you can adequately keep up with, so as to not miss out on engagement from your fans/followers, i.e. your point about sabotaging your traction. Focus on writing compelling content that earns the trust of your fan base so that they like, comment, and share, therefore earning your content a broader impact. Support all of this through timely paid advertising to ensure maximum impact. Great article but THERE IS SO MUCH to learn for all of us about the truth of social media in the marketing space.

  • Adam Baxter

    Social Media is such an important asset for businesses, but can be very discouraging when no growth is seen through it. Social media networking these days requires careful thought and attention in order for it to be worthwhile. Great insight Patrick!

  • John

    Struck most by the point you made about not ignoring interactions. It makes sense that is the fastest way to bring down your social growth. Aside from being mostly conversational, social media seems very touch and go. Have to make sure you keep the convo alive so things don’t get awkward and everyone leaves…

  • Naima

    Most people flood their social pages with content promoting only their businesses, and forgetting about the true meaning on being social. It’s a great marketing platform for businesses, but can easily lead to a ghost town as soon as followers realize that all you want is to share your ideas. Just like content marketing, social media posts need to align with your audience expectations and needs. It is important to interact with your followers, provide some helpful information, share and comment on what others have to say and treat people like people and not just number of likes, pluses, or followers. Great post Patrick!

  • I agree – having a social media plan is vital to a business’ success. Many businesses just randomly post with considering how the post fits into their goals or how the audience is going to receive the message. Many business owners just post cute cat videos or celebrity news. The question they need to ask is how is this post going to position my business? If the social media post doesn’t build trust and credibility with current and potential customers then it’s just noise.

  • Samantha Torres

    Businesses also need to keep in mind what audience they have on each platform as it always varies. Great tips Patrick on where to start when building a social media presence!

  • Thank you for giving businesses a solid roadmap to engage their markets through various channels. By providing specific actions and timelines, you help demystify the process. Dare I call you the Wing Man of social media.