Johanna Kollmann

Facilitating holistic product decisions with information architecture

Sunday, March 26 11:10 am – 11:30 am

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Session Summary

Once upon a time, we designed websites that were sitting on a limited stack of technology that you could get your head around easily. In 2017+, we are designing products consisting of increasingly complex, scalable systems.

Architecting those systems are often engineers, using a variety of technologies. As information architects, we face the challenge to take part in this process, to shape these systems, to make sure that technology decisions are driven by product design and user needs.

In this short talk, I will share how you can bridge the gap between UX and system architecture, and what I’ve learned about collaborating effectively with engineers. I’m basing this on my experience as Head of Product at a startup, so expect a case study with take-aways that will be useful for anyone working in a cross-functional team.