Creating Graphics for Video

Creating Graphics for Video

Photoshop does not always have to be used for static images and graphics, its layers can be manipulated with many video editing programs to create dynamic moving graphics.

Most programs are able to take the photoshop file and access each layer as a separate piece. This way, different elements of the design can appear at different timed increments or move in different ways to create a more visually interesting video. These different layers must be designed in Photoshop as so that they can stand alone or else when the pieces move the image will be altered.

One aspect of designing Photoshop graphics for use in video production is addressing how the image will be moving on the screen. For example, if you have a background image that moves gradually left to right across the screen you need to take in to account how for the image will move so you can size your graphic accordingly.

One important thing to consider is how the video is going to be played. If your video is going on YouTube you must take into account the time bar at the bottom that pops up. If you do not allow extra clearance it will cut off or hide your graphic. This issue arises often when you are designing a “lower third,” a graphic that sits at the bottom of your video and may display information such as website URLs or a phone number.


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