Code: Just Go With It

Code: Just Go With It

No, coding is not for everyone. Programming is not for everyone; science is not for everyone; English is not for everyone (I had to learn it when I was 17 years old); art is not for everyone, and so on… However, they all are part of life and we have to encounter them daily. It is a simple judgment call that we should stick with what we love and therefore do best. Only that way can we achieve substantial results, excel and succeed in the industry in which we choose to create our careers. And still, should we confine ourselves to what we know, love, and can do best?

I am most certain that I will not be a great writer, yet as an intelligent person I should be able to read and write in English, know its grammar, and try to expend my vocabulary every day. To some degree, I do want to learn it because by doing so I grow as an individual, expending my limits. For the most part, nonetheless, I continue learning English because I simply have to; I have to because that is how the society in which I live is structured. When it grows, I have to grow with it to able to contribute something valuable to the future of the civilization.

According to the Bureau of Labor, the number of coding jobs in America is set to grow 30% by 2020 (twice the rate of general job growth). This is an important factor to consider for both the gurus of the industry as well as strangers to coding. This statistic is meant to show the direction which our future takes on and inform us that, whether we want it or not, it is most likely to happen and we better be prepared for it! Especially with the fast-pace growth of the internet and social media, it is in the interest of every business to incorporate skilled with code professionals. With that said, we should not panic and reconsider our profession at its core, for it is not at all what we should do. Programming is a form of art, in some ways, and not everyone can be a programmer, at least not a very good one. Yet, educating ourselves on the basics of coding is important and almost necessary.

Shane Snow, in his article, Why You Need To Know Code (And How You Can Learn In A Month), points out that “Part of the importance of programming literacy is the problem-solving mentality it induces, but more importantly, the ability to build and/or understand systems that automate work or make work efficient is increasingly valuable in today’s business climate, where tech touches everything.” So, problem-solving is another factor of why coding is “the thing of the future.” There are multitude of books and online tutorials, like, and many free of charge online materials allowing us to get to know coding in its very simplistic forms, knowing how code can be intimidating for some.

The future is our hands and we have the power and knowledge to face it. Dig in!

By: Lilit Martinrosyan

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