In today’s economy, social currency is measured in likes, views, and shares. While consumers have long been users of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, business owners have begun to realize the benefits that come with accumulating likes and shares, and how that can positively impact their brand awareness. But simply garnering a bunch […]

Stories Stories are a neat way users of Snapchat have been able to share life events about themselves on any given day. It’s been very popular since its release in October of 2013, making it the most common way Snapchat is used. Making cool videos about yourself and your daily life is more popular than […]

We live in an age of increasingly impersonal transactions. You can ring up your groceries, order and pay for your meals and update your wardrobe, all without ever having to speak to another human being. As a result, when customers want to know more about a product, service, or company they often turn to advice […]

Among the many types of digital content produced, statistics prove that video is the major content type that social media audiences prefer to share and consume. However, it’s not just the quantity of video produced that is so staggering. In recent years, Facebook has taken ambitious steps toward integrating new video technology into their platform. […]

One of the greatest forms of social currency today is likes on Facebook. To many, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the little globe with a red number, preferably above 10, light up on their Facebook profile. Some people, and even companies, pay to generate artificial likes on their pages, hoping that the increased […]