“I’ve already tried paid ads and it was a waste.” When I hear the above statement, it makes me sad. I might be biased, but hearing a client describe how they just couldn’t find the return for their paid search advertising doesn’t mean PPC doesn’t work or can’t work for them. So, what actually went […]

The buying funnel is a way of representing the stages a purchaser goes through on their way to buying a product or service. The goal is to move prospects through the funnel so they can become customers. The buying funnel influences Pay-Per-Click, or PPC which is the way of using search engine advertising to generate […]

In the life of a small business owner, the number of questions that are constantly being asked is endless. Is it time to hire another employee? Do I have enough business to pay the bills this month? Could I even handle more business right now? The list could go on and on… In this article, […]

The lack of conventionally heroic attributes defines the term anti-hero. A flawed hero is one who is less than pure or noble in their intention. The typical anti-hero is selfish, vengeful or sometimes even working for the forces of evil, but with underlying heroic qualities. A classic example of the anti-hero would include Han Solo. […]

When it comes to paid search placement, it’s no longer a game of simply sending traffic to a website, but getting the greatest return from your PPC advertising. In this article, we’ll discuss linking your Google Analytics account to your Google Adwords account, the importance and benefits provided to tracking and optimizing your campaign, and […]