Busted: The Reality Behind 2 Big SEO Myths

Busted: The Reality Behind 2 Big SEO Myths

It’s no secret that the vast majority of Internet users today utilize search engines for just about everything. The word Google has become nearly synonymous with the act of acquiring knowledge about people, places, and products. It should come as no surprise, then, that many businesses seek out the top SEO company in Atlanta to help them connect with consumers.

Still, there are dozens of myths surrounding search engine optimization ­– from whether or not it still works, to how much keywords still matter, to the importance of mobile optimization. Many of these myths are either outdated or simply incorrect. SEO is still one of the most important elements of a digital campaign, so it’s time we busted two common misconceptions surrounding it.

Myth #1: Don’t Worry About Mobile Optimization – It’s Overrated

Over the last decade or so, consumers have gone from spending the majority of their time on laptops and desktops, to doing nearly everything on cellphones and tablets. According to data from Google, users check their phones an average of 150 times a day, and perform most of their Internet searches from mobile devices. If anything, mobile optimization remains underrated, not overrated.

As a result, Google now heavily weighs the mobile-friendliness of your website when assessing your company’s position in search results. Google gauges the effectiveness of your mobile platform by evaluating factors such as the speed of your pages, how streamlined your design is, and the responsiveness of your pages to different mobile devices. Therefore, when it comes to ranking factors, the importance of mobile optimization cannot be overstated.

Myth #2: Any Content Will Do for SEO

This myth is a little tricky, because you can’t have a successful SEO campaign without content that converts; but unless you optimize that content through SEO it will never reach a broader audience. Quality content and SEO work hand-in-hand to increase your website visibility, rankings, and your ability to convert clicks into leads.

On the other hand, content alone doesn’t lead to good conversion rates. Many people assume that all you need to do is create good content, and then more leads will magically begin to appear. While it is true that developing consistent, strong, quality content is key to your sustained success, it is equally true that you need an effective SEO strategy and technical maintenance in order to garner the traffic and conversion you want for your business. Your content cannot be “king” without having optimization behind it.

The role of SEO is critical to a successful digital marketing campaign. Whether it’s optimizing your website for a mobile platform, increasing your SERP ranking, or generating more qualified leads, SEO is one of the biggest components to your success. Blueprint specializes in SEO strategy, technical maintenance, and content creation. To see how we can take your digital marketing to the next level, contact us today!

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