Which Businesses Benefit the Most from Local SEO?

Which Businesses Benefit the Most from Local SEO?

Atlanta SEO companyThe battle for customers is growing more competitive, which is why many companies are shifting their focus to local SEO. While any company that does business locally can take advantage of this strategy, there are some business types that should look at local search campaigns as a must-have in their marketing strategy.

The average lifetime value of customers who are brought in through local search campaigns is high, making local SEO a smart investment for small businesses. If your business falls under one of the following categories, an experienced Atlanta SEO company can help you achieve more visibility by targeting the right local audience.

Local Service Businesses

As customers are increasingly busy and on-the-go, local service-based businesses like landscapers, house painters, roofers, car washes, and dry cleaners can benefit from local SEO. Local SEO campaigns keep your business at the top of mobile search results, ensuring that potential customers know how to find you when they’re in need.

A local SEO strategy is especially effective for businesses that offer on-call or emergency services. If someone is searching on Google or Bing for a plumber, locksmith, electrician, repair shop, HVAC company, or any other business that addresses an immediate need with skilled-trade services, that person is looking for a company that’s local to their area. If your company comes up at the top of search results when a customer is experiencing a crisis, you’ll be getting a phone call thanks to your immediate availability and proximity.

Medical Providers and Legal Services

Local SEO is extremely valuable for doctors, dentists, and other medical service providers because people are searching for the best providers in their local market. Using a local SEO strategy, you can increase your site traffic and calls through your geographic accessibility and positive online reviews of your medical or law practice.

Retail Stores and Restaurants

Locals and out-of-town visitors alike search online to find the best places to shop, eat, and mingle. An effective local SEO strategy that includes blog articles, customer reviews, operating hours, directions, star ratings, and menus can bring in a steady stream of new and returning patrons. Plus, since most customers use their mobile phones to find what they are looking for online, high visibility in local search results means your store or restaurant is more likely to receive a phone call or visit.

Grow Your Business Through Local SEO

Local SEO allows your business to promote its services to customers in your area. With more customers than ever using online search to find local businesses, organic search marketing typically has a greater return on investment than traditional advertising options.

Blueprint can help your business increase its local online presence and reach new customers through an effective local SEO campaign. If you’re ready to stand out from your competition, contact the SEO specialists at Blueprint today.

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