Bring Back The Swag To Your Old Landing Pages

Bring Back The Swag To Your Old Landing Pages

There are different reasons behind the decline of page rankings. To mention a few examples, algorithm updates, competitors overpowering your efforts, and keyword relevancy, can be the reasons behind the fall. Once businesses rank number one for most pages, it is more likely for business owners to forget about checking those pages from time to time as they dedicate most of their efforts to bringing the lower ranking pages into speed.

Due to this, most websites lose their power as the web owners neglect to maintain the most important pages, triggering a drop in their rankings, site visits, and conversions.

Boost Your Old Landing Pages | Blueprint

The question that site owners should be asking about is how to bring back the old landing pages into ranking? The regular SEO strategies should do the trick, but how much should you do without over doing it? Check out the 6 important things you should consider.

1. Keywords

Based on user experience and the demand for certain products, there is a big chance for the keywords to change over time. It is important to build a habit of checking keywords regularly  to make sure that all the keywords are current and relevant to your business. While cleaning up the keywords, it is recommended to remove all the black hat SEO tactics, especially keyword stuffing and re-optimize the site pages based on the most current key phrases.

2. Content

High quality content will always refresh the boring old content, and increase page visits. Having different types of content is a perfect solution to keeping the visitors on your site, and attracting visitors to come back for more. Apart from content creation for page fulfillment or page rewrites, it’s a great idea to invest in other forms of sharable content including videos, animations, and infographics. The sharable content will boost the site visibility and increase page shares.

3. XML Sitemap

Resubmitting the new content to the search engines will enable the search engines to properly crawl the edited pages and boost the rankings for those pages.

4. Social media

Promoting the improved pages will help them become more visible. For most cases, visual content is more sharable and has a higher chance of bringing back visitors to the site. Adding sharable content will attract back links to the targeted pages, and the website as a whole.

5. Links

Internal links: By directing other well ranking pages within the site, it will automatically form a nice flow to the reviewed pages. Having links from the homepage and other services pages, will direct the site visitors and search engines to the focused pages. As a result, it will add credibility to the pages and importance. External links: External links will build credibility to the specific pages and bring traffic to the targeted pages, as a result boosting the page and site rankings.

6. Optimize for conversions

Before optimizing, the first thing to do is to fix page elements that restrict conversions including: bad links, wrong phone numbers, and review the call to action for those pages. The website should already be optimized for conversion, therefore, by adding goals to the pages, including contact forms, clickable phone numbers and page view duration is the best way of measuring your efforts. Google Analytics’ bounce rate is one of my favorite tools, because it is a quick way of knowing how your pages are doing. Having these data results in hand will help any business come up with the best strategy for each page instead of investing in different things that may or may not work in the long run.

Remember that you don’t have to rank for everything. It is crucial to know what’s important to the website, and the business in general. Always focus on what really matters instead of trying to rank for every keyword in your industry. This is the time to rank for relevant pages and not accumulating keywords.

Please feel free to share your own tips and advice on how to bring back the old landing pages into ranking.

By: Naima
  • Thanks for making it clear that website content is not just set it and forget it. Trends in keyword phrases change as consumers change their search queries. Ideally, you want your website to be a place customers visit repeatedly so fresh content is a must. I also think people overlook the value of internal links. They are a great way to use content to connect customers with to the products and services you want them to focus on. Thanks, Naima.

  • Adam Baxter

    Its so important to constantly keep your entire site up to date. Maintenance of your site will always be necessary, and this great insight into how to do it properly! Great Job, Naima!

  • John

    Good point about remembering you don’t need to rank for everything. Focus is key in video as well… I would argue it’s “the” key.

    Also, it appears that this blog post is interesting, cool, and informative. Thank you for having swag in the title. You are awesome, Naima.

  • As Hunter S. Thompson said, anything worth doing is worth doing right. As “colorful” as he was, there is enormous truth in such a simple statement. Landing pages are not the exception. If a landing page is worth having, it’s worth investing time and effort to maintain its performance and usefulness. While many of the on-site optimization actions you’ve noted are fairly straight forward, continual investment in new content (including video, infographics, etc) will deliver the greatest returns. And if your landing page is no longer relevant, consider retirement.

  • Aaron Ward

    Great point about adding sharable content. Infographics are a great way to earn backlinks and have your site become a higher domain authority based on the quality content that you are constantly updating.

  • Chuniq Inpower

    Content, content, content! “Old” landing pages should always be given proper attention to ensure that your site is fresh and current. Regardless if your site is selling the same products since 1894, refreshing the site with updated content will help increase page visits and show that you’re an active participant in your business.

  • Victoria Vener

    I like your emphasis on visual content here. Text is certainly shareable, but once shared it isn’t likely to go as far as visual content. Videos and infographics are quick to engage and easy to process along with being shareable, so they travel a lot faster and farther.

  • Elizabeth Weaver

    Great article, Naima! It’s always interesting to me to see how user engagement metrics boost after addressing landing pages that are missing meaningful depth. I agree with your tips. It’s important for businesses to realize that the search landscape is ever-changing, presenting the need to constantly be aware of each of these items you written about. Landing page content isn’t a one-step fix. Thanks for sharing. Awesome stuff!

  • Samantha Torres

    Going back and reviewing the key terms and phrases surrounding your products and services is always important. Over time, language changes. Just in the last 6 years look at how much search has changed! Where people used to use one to three terms to try to find answers, now people are talking into their phones in full sentences. If we don’t keep up with the changes of how people are talking and looking for the solutions to their needs, then makes sense that rankings and visibility will fall.

  • Joshua Bains

    Renew your LP’s (not those LP’s) and save your old (good) content by optimizing it as Naima describes.

  • Jeff Cline

    Great advise Naima. With technology ever changing it feels like sites are becoming out of date at growing pace. A periodic “spot check” of your landing pages can reveal out of date content, strategy shifts that may have not been implemented across sections of your site and overlooked technology and code changes that can have a big impact on how you are found.