In Memory of Atlanta's Fallen Fire Heroes

In Memory of Atlanta's Fallen Fire Heroes

The Atlanta Fire-Rescue Department recently celebrated the lives of 56 members of their ranks who lost their lives in the line of duty. In addition, the department also honored 20 fire department retirees who died since last April. 

Chief Kelvin Cochran stressed safety as their highest priority to the gathering of spouses, family and friends of the department.

A role in which communities and neighborhoods may take for granted, these men and women put their jobs first to help protect and service emergency needs of the City of Atlanta.

The 63rd Annual Firefighters Memorial Service was held at the Atlanta City Hall atrium.

“When you dial 911, these are the folks that arrive first on the scene. And the day just really represents honoring those members of the Atlanta Fire Department who have passed away. We want to celebrate you, we want to memorialize you, and this is our special way of doing that.”

By: Blueprint