3 Things You Can Do To Improve Google Ad Rank

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Google Ad Rank

Improving and Increasing Adrank

So you set up your google ad campaign and after sometime, your ads are not showing or have very low ad positions. There are a few things you can do to change this situation. Eventually, these steps can help increase your Quality Score too, which would boost your ad positions or ad rank.

Keywords to Ad Copy to Landing Page Correlation

Before you start changing numbers around and re-thinking your campaign strategy, you might want to take a look at the relevance of your keywords to your ad copy and landing page. A webpage is very different from a landing page. Whiles a webpage has general information and more detailed, a landing page is all about the call to action and conversion. Google prides itself on content, therefore, your quality score would keep decreasing if your keyword is “flowers” and your ad copy says “Allergic to Flowers?” but then your landing page shows allergy medicines and pharmacy locations. Your adrank directly correlates to your quality score, however, your quality score improves only when your keyword, ad copy, landing page relationship is harmonized and the content you offer is great. You need to work hard on your keyword research and be aware of words that google associates with allergy medicine and pharmacy since “flowers” is a search query that would usually yield results for people who want to buy actual flowers, so if you sell allergy medicines, “flowers” is probably not a keyword you want. Your keywords, ad copy and landing page have to be very closely related. Keep it tight!

Increasing your Bid

The next option might be to increase the bids on your keywords just a little bit. The concept of quality score is such that google does not let anyone know how they arrive at it, but we know that ad rank is affected by the Quality Score. Since the formula for ad rank is Quality Score (QS) x Estimated First Page Bid, increase in either quality score or the first page bid results in a better ad rank. Since we can’t control the QS directly, increasing the bid would give you a better chance of competing and seeing your ads above the organic search results.

Report Analysis and Tools

If both approaches do not work, then a more technical approach might work. First download adwords or keyword report and create a pivot table in your excel workbook to analyse the percentage of Quality Score on keywords below 4 or 5. If the sum percentage is higher than 35%-40%, some drastic changes need to be made to your account. One thing you could do is create a test account, download the report, and then upload it to an online PPC report analyzer tool. All the tool would do is tell you where your quality scores are low, why your ads are not showing for those keywords and what you might be able to do to improve on them.

It is always advisable to take time to set up your campaign very well in the beginning (especially with a huge campaign) to avoid having problems with QS. It is however worthy yo note that, sometimes, some keywords are not going to perform wither due to the search volume on that keyword, the nature of the market or just Google’s keyword association. Good Luck!

By: Kwasi

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